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Behringer XENYX CONTROL2USB  ·  Source:


Behringer XENYX CONTROL2USB  ·  Source:


Behringer XENYX CONTROL2USB Rear  ·  Source:

When it comes to monitor controllers there’s plenty to choose from, and the variety in features and price points is huge. Most of the products that come recommended tend to be extremely expensive. Here’s a cheap and cheerful solution from Behringer, with a feature set that leaves the competition dead in the water. The CONTROL2USB isn’t just a monitor controller either. And wait until you see the price!


To run even a home studio setup, there are a handful of key items of gear that you simply can’t do without. There are also many of us who only do “in-the-box” production work, where high-channel-count mixers and interfaces aren’t required. Perhaps you’re a musician who composes with computer-based samples, then you only need a means of controlling your monitors. Some audio interfaces offer a degree of monitor controlling, but they lack usability and communication features. Well, the XENYX CONTROL2USB might be all you need.

There are so many features that this product almost sits in a category by itself. Not only are there so many features, but they’re well thought out for a modern studio setup. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a couple of other manufacturers developing something similar, suitable for the modern professional.

The CONTROL2USB has 4 stereo inputs, 3 monitor outputs, 2 headphone amps, built-in talkback and communication controls, as well as a 2-channel USB interface. There are all the expected controls such a mute, select, mono down-mix, Talkback, and Dim, but most significantly the unit is built around the large master volume control. Like many, I’m dubious about the quality at play here. However, you have to admit that Behringer thought hard about this product and who is likely to use it.

More Information

For more information visit the webpage for the CONTROL2USB on Music-Group’s website. There’s also good details on Thomann’s webpage. The price of the CONTROL2USB is incredibly only 132 GBP. This is a phenomenal price. It’s like the X32 was to the digital live sound market, as this undermines so many other products. I wonder if it sounds any good and how long it takes before a button gets stuck?


Check out this video on the Behringer YouTube channel which run’s through all the features of the CONTROL2USB:

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