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Behringer RD-808

Behringer RD-808  ·  Source: SonicState

Behringer took to Facebook to remind everyone that it’s only 2 days until the Roland adopted “808 Day” on the 8th of August. They suggest we should “fasten our seatbelts” which feels a lot like they are about to gazump Roland on their favourite day of the year.

As we know from Superbooth Behringer is cooking up a TR-808 clone called the RD-808. It takes the form factor of the classic Rhythm Composer and brings it into the present with additional extras like an integrated Wave Designer, compressor, a dual-mode filter with dedicated controls on the front panel, comprehensive MIDI and USB implementation and solo/mute on each track. It’s exactly the sort of thing Roland could have done if they weren’t so convinced by their own virtual analogue ACB technology.

The final specs on the RD-808 have not been released but it would be of no surprise to me if they took 808 Day to announce that preorders are open on this long awaiting analogue drum machine.

So far all Roland has to offer for 808 Day is a pair of trainers.

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I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday whether Behringer has something cool to announce and whether these trainers fit. And I hope Roland can find a bit of sparkle to keep themselves in the game.

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1 year ago

Fuck Behringer

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b a
1 year ago
Reply to  Nope


1 year ago

8th August 2018 is international CAT day.
That’s the international day of ‘The CAT’… ahem