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Behringer tease

Behringer tease  ·  Source: Behringer

One last tease from Behringer before we get down to the nuts of bolts of actual products and the like.

Power On

Well, the background music sounds wonderfully creamy. It’s getting a bit Oberheimy – perhaps they’ve got their OB-Xa clone into a playable state. Who knows, but I confess to being quite excited about what they could be bringing. I mean Korg has been blowing our socks off so far, Sequential has impressed, Moog has been steady and Roland has explained their way down a different path and so it’s time for Behringer to show us what to expect from them for the next 12 months. And the show hasn’t even started yet!

So, what time is the party?

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From the video I would guess that it’s the Behringer Arp 2600. The lights seem to be in the same pattern as the sliders of a 2600 and I would also guess that they’ve put LEDs on them as they did with the Odyssey. Also, I can see a shadow of a cable over a couple of the lights.