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Behringer RD-9

Behringer RD-9  ·  Source: Behringer


It’s definitely ready this time, just a couple of finishing touches and the RD-9 will be on its way from the factory. Check out this demo.



The long development time of the RD-9 has been such a drag for Behringer. Whenever they announce anything else it’s the first thing people ask about – “Where’s my RD-9?” We’re all so patient and not at all entitled. It was first revealed at Knobcon in September of 2018 and has been a fan favourite ever since. Behringer says it should ship in a couple of months which makes it almost 3 years from announcement to delivery – ouch!

How does it sound? Pretty darn great, check this out:

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Along with replicating the sound of the original Roland TR-909 they also added a few bits and pieces. Pitch control over the kick drum and hi-hat tuning is available on the front panel although these things can be bypassed if you want to retain absolute authenticity. It has the Wave Designer and filter of the RD-8 to boost the dynamics and give you something to play with.

Not seen an official price as yet but you’ve got to assume it will be around the $349 mark like the RD-8.

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Behringer RD-9

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7 responses to “Behringer RD-9 is very nearly ready to go!”

    iixorb says:

    I’ve only listened to this through my iPhone at the moment (hardly a reference monitor!) – but this sounds amazing. Absolutely worth the wait I think and more authentic sounding – especially the snare – compared to the earlier demos.

    Looking forward to it!

    Mark says:

    I’m very worried about the release of the RD-9. It may affect the price of my original. No, no, not the TR-909, but the boutique TR-09, the price of which is now double what I paid for it. Get lost Behringer, with your authentic clones, you’re gonna ruin me….

      James Patrick Dunn says:

      LIES!!! It’s March 25th and there’s been no further information about final price or pre-orders. It’s all lies, I tell you!!!

      I still can’t wait to get one, though.

      RD9_cant_wait says:

      If it bothers you so much just sell it now then buy a Behringer RD-9 and make some money. Dont be so negative as other people want the 909 sounds as well.

    Evan Jones says:

    I’m so excited! The RD-9 already blows the TR-8 out of the water. I’d say it’s on par with the NAVA clone but with a cheaper build

    Modenadavid says:

    What is it about the 909 that is so desirable? I have all the drum sounds Logic Pro can provide, an Arturia Drumbrute, an Akai MPC but still my mouth waters with this box…sad?

    Paul Brooks says:

    This ain’t gonna happen they’ve been promising this for ages now.

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