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Ashly DigiMix24 Mixer

Ashly DigiMix24 Mixer  ·  Source:

Ashly DigiMix24 Marketing Image 1

Ashly DigiMix24 Marketing Image 1  ·  Source:


In the same week that we’ve seen the latest offerings from Presonus, apparently there’s a new kid on the block! (See our article about the new Presonus StudioLiveAR desks here.) This new DigiMix24 has been seen at InfoComm16 in Las Vegas this week, but very little information is currently available. What I can find, however, appears to be very impressive and could give several budget digital mixers a run for their money. Who knows what it sounds like and how it will actually perform, but if they’ve got it right then this looks promising. It also appears to be priced right too.


What does the DigiMix24 have to offer?

It appears that this is another compact digital mixer suitable for live sound, rehearsals and project studios. Like the competition in this increasingly crowded market, it seems to offer a lot of ‘bang-for-buck’ with many features. In fact, the features on the DigiMix24 look to be amongst some of the best currently available at this end of the market. To be honest, being a new player here they had to offer all the bells and whistles, but have they done enough?


As no information is directly available from Ashly, we can only make assumptions. However, the early info looks really exciting. This is a compact mixer that combines the touch screen approach with carefully selected hardware and proper metering. There may only be one fader, but at least it has a motorised fader. It is badged as a 24-channel mixer as it has the DSP power for 24 channels, but there are only 16 mic inputs. The other channels can source from some additional line inputs or via the optional Dante card. Yes, Dante! It can be equipped with an AoIP solution which I don’t think any other price comparable mixer does – at least for now. The touch screen is a sensible 7″ and part of the hardware, unlike other solutions which mean you have to factor in the cost of an iPad. The DigiMix24 also supports remote control mixing via an app for iPad or even the iPhone. To top it all off, there is also a USB connection for multichannel recording with any DAW.

I look forward to hearing more about this little desk that seems to promise so much. I really like the feature set here and the great combination of hardware controls and metering, combined with the touch screen approach. If only it could also act as a DAW remote controller too! It does feel however, that the competition at this end of the market is based upon the features and ergonomics, rather than the sound. Let’s hope it sounds good.

Information and Pricing

Very little information can be found at the moment about this new mixer, but keep on eye on Ashly’s website. Pricing is also unofficial and difficult to find, but according to it looks like it will retail around 1,250 USD. Inside the Q&A section of the bhphotovideo webpage, you can find this link to a pdf of the spec:

Ashly DigiMix24 Mixer

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