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AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 Impulse Response plug-in module

AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 Impulse Response plug-in module  ·  Source: AMT


Accustomed to building small pedals, Siberian guitar gear maker AMT has just announced the Pangaea CP16A-6F22 plug-in module. The size of a PP3 battery, this IR loader is a minuscule piece of equipment that can hold 16 Impulse Responses. And it looks genuinely useful despite (or should that be because of) its minute size.


AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22

The AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 is so small it can fit inside 9V battery compartments. This is a potential solution for adding Impulse Responses easily into your guitar rig without taking up valuable pedalboard real estate.

The module even has an onboard micro USB to let you load your favourite IRs by connecting it to a computer. Adjusting parameters is accomplished using AMT’s bespoke module software.

Tweak your tone

The following features of the Pangaea CP16A-6F22 can be tweaked and/or customized:

  • ER Early Reflections (ROOM)
  • EQ Parametric EQ -5 bands parametric equalizer
  • LP Tunable low-pass filter
  • LP Tunable high-pass filter
  • PS Presence – the presence control boosts the upper mid-range frequencies
  • VL Volume – the common volume control
  • IR Impulse Response of a guitar cabinet
  • PA Power amps’ models
  • PR Preamp’s module
  • CM Compressor
  • GT Noise Gate

With all this control at your disposal, it makes this ridiculously tiny piece of hardware something to consider seriously. I’m in awe of just how much it can achieve for a guitar rig. You can read the full online manual for the unit here.

When you take a closer look, you realise that this little bit of gear really can do a lot. I am still trying to get my head around how flexible it is and how I could utilise it in a guitar rig. It really does open a lot of possibilities. Super neat and super dinky, but potentially very, very useful indeed!

RRP – EUR 81

More Information

Note: A previous version of this post stated that the module can host 12 IRs, whereas it can in fact host up to 16. We’ve changed the text to reflect this.

Image Sources:
  • AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 - IRs loaded via USB: AMT
  • AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 plug-in module: AMT
AMT Pangaea CP16A-6F22 Impulse Response plug-in module

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