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AMT Pangaea VC16 VirginCab with footswitchable IRs

AMT Pangaea VC16 VirginCab with footswitchable IRs  ·  Source: YouTube/AMT

The new AMT Pangaea VirginCab has 16 impulse slots with two footswitch-able sections – sounds like a useful ally for your pedalboard setup.

AMT Pangaea VC16 VirginCab

Russian builder AMT makes some great pedals, one of my personal favourites being its compact Japanese Girl WH-1* wah pedal. I’ve owned that pedal for years and it still sounds great despite having been gigged heavily. It never fails me and is superbly built.

Just in time for Winter NAMM 2020 comes the brand new Pangaea VC16 VirginCab IR pedal. Yes it will hold up to 16 of your favourite Impulse Responses at a time. Plus, you can choose which ones you want on the fly. It has four presets spread across four banks. That makes it a useful for live and studio work, as it gives you super-easy access to your favourite IRs. Its two separate ‘sides’ allow you to run two impulses that you can switch between using your foot. I’m a massive fan of simplicity and this pedal seems to be designed for people like me.

AMT Pangaea VC16 VirginCab with footswitchable IRs

AMT Pangaea VC16 VirginCab with footswitchable IRs

Pedalboard Friendly

The VC16 has stereo outputs that support balanced and unbalanced cables and give you a choice of line or mic modes. This lets you use it as a simple DI box. There’s also a handy headphone output and an Aux In, as well.

You use the micro-USB port to attach the Pangea to your PC or Mac and load your impulse responses. You can also adjust a number of parameters whilst you’re doing this using the provided software. These include a noise gate, compressor, clean preamp and power amp emulations, high-pass and low-pass filters, five-band parametric EQ, presence, early reflections and volume.

All that makes this one seriously flexible and powerful little pedal for your rig. It’s certainly one to check out in 2020 and I look forward to hearing what players think of this new pedal once reviews start coming in.

Check the full specifications on the AMT website using the link I have left below as this pedal packs in an insane amount of pro spec features into such a well-priced unit.

RRP – USD 110

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