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Orange Bass Butler preamp

Orange Bass Butler. A preamp and more in a pedal  ·  Source: YouTube/Orange

Orange Bass Butler preamp

Orange Bass Butler preamp  ·  Source: Orange

Today we got a pleasant little surprise from Orange Amplification: the Bass Butler. Finally, a comprehensive pedal for bass players! The Bass Butler, it turns out, is way more than just an EQ stuck onto a DI box…

Orange Bass Butler

So what is the Orange Bass Butler? Well, it’s built around a preamp, so you could classify it as a preamp pedal. But it incorporates far more than just a basic preamp. Essentially, you could leave your amp head at home and go gig with this one pedal into a PA. Here’s a quote from Ade Emsley of Orange about the genesis of the Bass Butler:

The Bass Butler was conceived over many IPAs in a small bar on Santa Monica BLVD called the Surly Goat with Morgan Nicholls (who played bass in The Who at the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony and also plays the keyboards in Muse). The idea was to have his bi-amp touring rig in a small, portable preamplifier pedal.

Now for a look at the controls. The top row constitutes a Dirty channel, with the following potentiometers: Volume, 3-band EQ and Gain. The bottom row of pots is for the Clean channel, with control over Volume, Treble, Bass and Compressor. So each row is a separate channel. Neat! But these can also be blended with an optional expression pedal. That’s pretty awesome.

Orange Bass Butler preamp

Orange Bass Butler preamp

XLR Outs

In addition to the expression pedal input and standard mono amp out, Orange has taken this pedal a step further, incorporating separate XLR-outs. A ground lift for both channels is also available – ideal for bi-amping.

In theory, this pedal will work with a regular guitar as well, so could be useful in a wide array of applications. You can check it out in the ridiculously unfunny product demo video below with VMan from Slipknot. Or just watch the far better official demo video below that which forgoes the shenanigans and gets straight to the tones.

RRP – EUR 379

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