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Dunlop Geezer Butler signature wah pedal

Dunlop Geezer Butler signature wah pedal  ·  Source: Dunlop/YouTube


One of the great pioneers of Heavy Metal is certainly Geezer Butler. Forgotten who he was? Geezer was the bass player for Black Sabbath and supposedly the first bassist to use a wah pedal in the studio. Dunlop and Butler have now developed a signature wah pedal together.


Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

The basis of the pedal is the Dunlop 95Q bass wah, described as “aggressive” with a variable bandwidth for the filter frequency. Dunlop says this was modified to bring much more low-end, although the mid range is still prominent in the mix.

Inside is the only controller for the Q factor (aka bandwidth), which is factory-set to Butlers preferred setting. The foot rocker is modified in such a way that a part of the dry signal is always flowing through and the wet signal is also raised in addition to the filter frequency. There’s also a built-in auto-return, which means that the pedal always jumps back to zero position, but does not cut out. The pedal has a buffered bypass and a selectable delay time of 45 -560 ms for the auto-return feature.

Availability and price

This new model should be available mid / end of October. It is already showing up in listings throughout Europe and is priced where you would expect for a signature wah pedal. Okay, it isn’t exactly cheap. But it should do exactly what you want from a bass wah, be bullet proof and last a lifetime. Dunlop wah pedals are pretty well constructed and if you treat them well, they do tend to last a long time.

If Geezer is putting his name to it, then it should be a decent product and even if you are not a Sabbath fan (really?), then it still sounds like a pretty decent low-down, dirty bass wah in the official demo video. But this pedal is probably not one for players looking for a funkier tone.


RRP – EUR 209

Dunlop Geezer Butler wah product page

Thomann product page

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Dunlop Geezer Butler signature wah pedal

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