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Orange Little Bass Thing 500 watt bass amp

Orange Little Bass Thing 500 watt bass amp  ·  Source: Orange

An uncomplicated and eminently portable bass amplifier with massive tone – that’s what Orange intend to deliver with Little Bass Thing. Have the company come up with the goods?

Perfectly formed?

After the roaring success of the new edition of the Terror Bass, Orange has now launched a new bass amplifier with a Class D amp section. The new Orange Little Bass Thing delivers 500 Watts of power within its compact frame – and weighs just 3 kg.

You won’t find distortion here, as there’s only one master volume and no gain control. Instead, you get a clean solid-state preamp with parametric mid-range as well as fixed bass and treble EQ (up to +/- 15 dB). The housing makes an good, stable impression and looks much more exciting than some of its competitors.

Little Bass Thing

The compressor is set using a single control and can only be switched on using an external foot switch. Whether Orange has done itself a favour will come down to the interaction with active basses that have a high output (the input does have a -6 dB PAD switch).

Orange Little Bass Thing 500 watt bass amp

Orange Little Bass Thing rear panel


The good overall impression is rounded off by an FX loopDI output with ground switch and 2 Speakon sockets. Many manufacturers only use one of those nowadays, which seems to bother some bass players. A headphone output or AUX input are unfortunately not included here. But I can forgive that, as I see this as more of a ‘grab and go’ amp for gigging players, anyway.

RRP – EUR 649

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