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Orange Crush Bass Amp Range

Orange Crush Bass Amp Range  ·  Source:

Orange Crush Bass Amp Range

Orange Crush Bass Amp Range  ·  Source:

Orange Amps have announced their new range of Orange Crush Bass amps, featuring three models at different wattages covering a range of applications from home use through to gigging.

Orange Crush Bass 25

This is a 25-Watt combo with an active parametric EQ with a sweepable mid section. There’s also a 6dB pad switch on the amp, as well as a built-in tuner. The Crush Bass 25 models have a ported cabinet and Orange make a big thing about them being analogue on there site, so no DSP here. They also feature a cab simulator on the headphone output and an aux input. The cab is loaded with a dinky 8″ speaker, but should be fine for home use.

Orange Crush Bass 50 & Orange Crush Bass 100

Next up are the two larger models rated at 50 and 100 Watts each. With a similar set of features as the smaller version, these have an added buffered FX loop on the back panel. There’s also the ability to use a footswitch for changing the gain. These are based on the OB-1 amp range, and I think these will make fairly decent budget bass amps for many players. The models are loaded with a 12″ speaker in the 50-Watt model and an 15″ speaker in the 100-Watt model. The Orange Crush 100 also has a proper DI output on the rear panel as well as a headphone output, of course.


I have a few personal gripes and not about the actual amps themselves. First off that marketing campaign was terrible. Sorry, but it was a bit of a let down for me. Orange hyped up the release with a countdown on their website. It was a very poor way of announcing this new bass amp range. It’s just not a very exciting range in my opinion and didn’t warrant the build-up it was given. It all left a bitter taste in my mouth. And not a juicy one at all!

Second, the Orange website is a real mess. It’s poorly laid out and they really need to re-think the way the page looks. Just viewing it gives me a headache. So, not a great tool for pushing a new ‘exciting’ bass amp range, really.

The Anderson’s demo below is also a little lacklustre, too, and indicates that the amps may be a little underpowered for the job. All in all, I have my reservations on this new ‘oh so exciting’ range.


Orange Crush 25 GBP £149

Orange Crush 50 GBP £229

Orange Crush 100 GBP £369

Orange Crush Amp range: company site



by Jef

3 responses to “Orange Crush bass amps: Countdown to a crushing disappointment?”

  1. F Munky says:

    A countdown to nothing exciting. Wow, that was a letdown and a half. Looks dull and sounds average in that Andertons demo. Why not do something with a bit more power?

  2. Joey Z says:

    Could anybody explain to me if the 2nd generation is better than the 1st Gen? 1st Gen was named “Crush Pix BXT” which had Volume & Gain
    2nd Gen named Crush Bass 25, 50, 100; has the Volume, Blend w/ Gain. (Also the Mid & Freq)

    I’m just having issues deciding if I want the full on Volume & Gain option, vs the 2nd Gen Blend & Gain set up.

    Would one model be classed as superior to the other?

    • Jasoj says:

      YES the Crush Bass series is infinitely superior to the PIX series. I cannot stress this enough. It is night and day. Even the Crush Bass 25 vs the PIX 25 is massive with the Crush Bass blowing it away.

      You will want the new one if you can get it! I have the 50 myself but only because I do not need the 100 since I have a stack.

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