Orange Crush Bass Amp Range

Orange Crush Bass Amp Range  ·  Source:

Orange Crush Bass Amp Range

Orange Crush Bass Amp Range  ·  Source:

Orange Amps have announced their new range of Orange Crush Bass amps, featuring three models at different wattages covering a range of applications from home use through to gigging.

Orange Crush Bass 25

This is a 25-Watt combo with an active parametric EQ with a sweepable mid section. There’s also a 6dB pad switch on the amp, as well as a built-in tuner. The Crush Bass 25 models have a ported cabinet and Orange make a big thing about them being analogue on there site, so no DSP here. They also feature a cab simulator on the headphone output and an aux input. The cab is loaded with a dinky 8″ speaker, but should be fine for home use.

Orange Crush Bass 50 & Orange Crush Bass 100

Next up are the two larger models rated at 50 and 100 Watts each. With a similar set of features as the smaller version, these have an added buffered FX loop on the back panel. There’s also the ability to use a footswitch for changing the gain. These are based on the OB-1 amp range, and I think these will make fairly decent budget bass amps for many players. The models are loaded with a 12″ speaker in the 50-Watt model and an 15″ speaker in the 100-Watt model. The Orange Crush 100 also has a proper DI output on the rear panel as well as a headphone output, of course.


I have a few personal gripes and not about the actual amps themselves. First off that marketing campaign was terrible. Sorry, but it was a bit of a let down for me. Orange hyped up the release with a countdown on their website. It was a very poor way of announcing this new bass amp range. It’s just not a very exciting range in my opinion and didn’t warrant the build-up it was given. It all left a bitter taste in my mouth. And not a juicy one at all!

Second, the Orange website is a real mess. It’s poorly laid out and they really need to re-think the way the page looks. Just viewing it gives me a headache. So, not a great tool for pushing a new ‘exciting’ bass amp range, really.

The Anderson’s demo below is also a little lacklustre, too, and indicates that the amps may be a little underpowered for the job. All in all, I have my reservations on this new ‘oh so exciting’ range.


Orange Crush 25 GBP £149

Orange Crush 50 GBP £229

Orange Crush 100 GBP £369

Orange Crush Amp range: company site



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A countdown to nothing exciting. Wow, that was a letdown and a half. Looks dull and sounds average in that Andertons demo. Why not do something with a bit more power?

Could anybody explain to me if the 2nd generation is better than the 1st Gen? 1st Gen was named “Crush Pix BXT” which had Volume & Gain
2nd Gen named Crush Bass 25, 50, 100; has the Volume, Blend w/ Gain. (Also the Mid & Freq)

I’m just having issues deciding if I want the full on Volume & Gain option, vs the 2nd Gen Blend & Gain set up.

Would one model be classed as superior to the other?