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Orange countdown amps OB1-300 Orange O Tiny Terror

Orange countdown to what exactly?  ·  Source:


Orange amps have a ‘mysterious’ countdown on their site. The main page has been steadily counting down all weekend and no one knows what they have planned…


Clockwork Orange

So this hype style viral advertising campaign could be one to watch or it could just as easily be a huge let down. These type of marketing campaigns are risky as they either deliver something amazing or not that interesting. The company has released some interesting products in the last 10 years including the Tiny Terror ‘lunch box’ micro amp, the somewhat ridiculous OPC which was an amp with a built in PC and then this year the new Orange O bass guitar range.


The general consensus around these parts (as in me and my friends over a few beers this weekend) is that it’ll be a new bass amp range. So hopefully the company will do something new and exciting. However it could just as easily of course be a new bass guitar or perhaps even a guitar, though we feel as though that is unlikely.


Well if you have any ideas or perhaps some inside knowledge. Leave a comment below before the countdown is up. Feel free to comment below with your guesses, even if you haven’t a clue.


Worst case scenario it’ll be a PC built into a micro amp or an Android phone branded to look like an amp (who would do such a stupid thing?).

Final Countdown

My money is on it being not as exciting as the countdown suggests, but then I am a miserable old sod so it takes a lot to impress me. The use of a clock slowly counting down is perhaps not the best way to let the world know that you have something new on the horizon. But marketing campaigns will try anything to get our attention these days.


Orange Amps site: The Countdown 


Orange countdown amps OB1-300 Orange O Tiny Terror

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