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Orange NAMM 2018 Rocker 15 Terror amp head, Orange Crush and PPC212 slant cab

Orange NAMM 2018 Rocker 15 Terror amp head, Orange Crush and PPC212 slant cab  ·  Source: Orange

Looks like Orange has been pretty busy, what with their new signature Brent Hinds Terror head just being announced, they also have a new Rocker 15 Terror, Orange Crush Mini and a new PPC212 slanted cabinet all ready to show at NAMM this year as well.

Rocker 15 Terror

A cool new twin channel 15-watt lunchbox style all-valve amp head and based around EL84 and 12AX7 tubes, this twin channel amp has a built-in attenuator switch which is labelled ‘headroom or bedroom’ and means you have four different wattages to choose from – 15-watt, 7-watt, 1-watt and 1/2-watt.

Similar in appearance to the new Brent Hinds Terror which was also announced today, but with a different gain structure and its own voice. It again has a  ‘Natural’ channel with just a single volume control, the ‘Dirty’ channel gives you Gain, Master and a 3-band EQ to tweak.

RRP – GBP 549

Orange Rocker 15 Terror

Orange Rocker 15 Terror


Orange Crush Mini

The new Orange Crush Mini is a 3-watt output with a small 4″ speaker as the main driver, although you can output it to an 8-ohm cab or use a headphone out for silent practice as well.

With a simple control layout of Volume, Gain and Tone it has all you need to make a noise and looks like a bit of fun, I like dinky amps and have a few and so may pick one of these up myself, as they can be really useful.

It also has a built-in tuner and Aux-in so you can use it to practice with, it will run off an external power source a single 9-volt battery as well.


Orange Crush Mini Amp

Orange Crush Mini Amp


Orange PPC212V Cabinet

This new slanted lightweight birch plywood construction cabinet contains two 12″ Celestion Neo Creamback speakers and comes in either an Orange or a Black finish. Handy if you have a small amount of space on stage or in the boot of your car, as the slanted design appears to take up less space.

RRP – GBP 659

Orange PPC212V slanted cabinet

Orange PPC212V slanted cabinet

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