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Audiare Zenith

Audiare Zenith  ·  Source: Audiare / Gearnews

Audiare has released Zenith, a very flexible MIDI parameter sequencing plug-in. Zenith communicates with your hardware or software synths, serving up customizable sequences, arpeggios, chords, and more. And with the included presets for many popular synths, you don’t even have to worry about configuring MIDI CCs.

Audiare Zenith

After making a great first impression with Zone and Nuxx, the still new developer Audiare has released Zenith. It looks quite similar to Zone, and there’s a reason for that: Zenith has the same parameter sequencing capabilities as the software synth. But this time, it’s all about controlling your other software synths and external hardware.

Zenith includes over 200 presets with pre-configured mappings for more than 100 software and hardware synthesizers. That means that you won’t have to deal with assigning parameters and MIDI CC numbers for many of the most popular synths. Zenith can even send SysEx data to synths that don’t like MIDI CCs, like the Roland Juno-106 or the Yamaha DX7.

Once you’ve hooked up Zenith to your synth and selected the appropriate preset from the list, you’re good to go. The plug-in offers a variety of MIDI processors, including a scaler, a chord generator, an LFO and an envelope. MIDI-controllable parameters can be controlled with sliders and sequenced in up to 24 lanes with 32 steps each. There are various tools for modifying the contents of a sequencer lane. Zenith also offers six macro controls.

Despite the plug-in’s many features, the interface looks clean and uncluttered. If you like to work with MIDI and are looking for a flexible and capable MIDI CC sequencer, Audiare Zenith is definitely worth a look.

Price and compatibility

Audiare Zenith runs on Windows and macOS as a VST or AU plug-in (64 bit). The plug-in is available from the developer’s website for USD 79 / EUR 75 / GBP 69. There’s also a trial version with some feature restrictions.

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