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K-Devices TATAT

K-Devices TATAT  ·  Source: K-Devices


K-Devices has released TATAT, a new MIDI plug-in designed to get your creative juices flowing. Depending on the “mood” you dial in, TATAT creates a never-ending stream of notes, rhythms, and unexpected sequences. Sounds like a perfect way to add some variations to your tracks!


K-Devices TATAT

TATAT by K-Devices is a new creative MIDI plug-in available in VST3 and AU formats. The developer says that it’s an “unstable streams generator”, which pretty much sums up what TATAT does. It lets you dial in various degrees of randomness and then proceeds to churn out an always-changing stream of sequences. If you’re into generative music, randomness, and chance, TATAT should be right up your alley.

It all starts with what K-Devices calls the “mood”: a set of parameters that determines how TATAT will behave. For example, you can layer and combine three different time signatures for polyrhythmic patterns. The Pitch section allows you to define probabilities for four different notes, and the notes themselves can be randomized, too. Moreover, there’s a Bichords section that determines the chance that certain intervals will be triggered. This is followed by a Process section that lets you experiment with random MIDI velocities, note lengths, and delays.

K-Devices TATAT

TATAT (dark skin)

Drag&drop export

The result is a seemingly endless sequence that revolves around a defined set of musical parameters. But there are ways to tame the chaos, as well. You can freeze the buffer content as a static pattern, and then mix between that and the live stream. And the export feature is as simple as can be: Simply export as many variations as you like by dragging and dropping them to tracks, clip slots, or folders in your favorite DAW software.

Generative plug-ins like TATAT are a great way to add some variation and unexpected movement to your tracks. They’re also perfect for jump-starting your creativity. Let TATAT get you in the mood!


Price and compatibility

K-Devices TATAT is now available for a low introductory price of €19. This offer is good through July 30, 2022, after which the price will increase to €39.

The plug-in runs on macOS (including Apple Silicon) and Windows in VST3 and AU formats. It’s also available as a Max For Live device.

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K-Devices TATAT

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