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Orange Vocoder v4

 ·  Source: Zynaptiq

Developer Zynaptiq announced the latest version of its Orange Vocoder 4 plug-in is on its way. Scheduled for Q2 2018, version 4 of the classic software vocoder that first appeared in 1998 has been “fully reworked” and does come with a bunch of significant improvements and updates. Zynaptiq created a new multi-view interface with new workflow features, such as sub-presets and smart section randomization.

The vocoder section has been expanded with 22 additional algorithms, as well as features like formant shifting, expansion, and stereo operation. Likewise, the synthesiser section now offers Unison and Mono Legato modes, linear FM synthesis, and newfound modulation options.

Not stopping here, Zynaptiq added a new voice pitch quantization module that can be controlled from MIDI input, complete with pitch-bend and glide.

Overall, Orange Vocoder 4 looks like an upgrade that’s not to be missed. It will be made available in AU, RTAS, AAX Native, and VST on both Mac and Windows, so pretty much everyone will be able to enjoy it. Good stuff, Zynaptiq!

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