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WA Production The King compressor plug-in

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W.A. Production released The King, an interesting take on a multi-band compressor. It’s the kind of plug-in that simplifies complex processing with an intuitive, clearly laid-out interface. The signal is split into 5 frequency groups (Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High) and control is given over compressing each.


Additionally, The King includes Magic EQ and Limiter modules. The Magic EQ has three presets, designed to clean-up frequency build-ups at the low-end as to get rid of “mud” prior to compression. Likewise, the Limiter keeps the track firmly planted at 0dB and prevents the plug-in from overpowering your speakers and DAW output.

Controls-wise, The King offers Upward and Downward compression, though it’s not immediately clear how these two affect the sound and compression – you’ll have to let your ears be the judge. Additionally, there’s a Time knob for adjusting the compressor’s attack and release settings, as well as a Mix knob for blending dry and processed signals.

Overall, The King seems like a highly original multi-band compressor with a clever interface and features. Both novice and advanced producers could have a look at it if they need their compression sorted out or want to try a different tool with a particular edge.


Price & availability

The King is available in all the usual formats for Windows and Mac computers. It’s sold in a package with 3 audio courses and 7 video tutorials by W.A. Production, priced at 54 GBP / 72 USD / 61 EUR for a limited time. The price will be back to 109 GBP / 145 USD / 123 EUR once the introductory period ends. A demo version is available if anyone wants to try The King out prior to purchase. The discounted price is reasonable for a specialized compressor like this, especially considering the included audio and video content.

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WA Production The King compressor plug-in

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