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Uraleq plug-in

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It’s rare to see a multi-band processor reach beyond traditional functionality like compression, distortion, and other familiar effects. Uraleq by developer Flandersh is a different take on the multi-band concept with some interesting features. Did we mention it’s free?


Flandersh Uraleq

First things first, Uraleq is a 4-band compressor with Knee, Mix, Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release controls for each band. Below each compressor is a dual delay with Feedback and Mix controls. Further below are pan knobs. The final section lets you balance the 4 bands in the style of a virtual mixer, complete with input and output level faders.

The presence of dual LFO modulators is interesting and unusual for this kind of processor. Both can be routed to most of the plug-in parameters, and shaped from the Rate, Depth, and Shape controls. I expect most users will be interested in modulating the delay, although driving a compressor with an LFO ought to produce some unorthodox sonic effects.


The controls are complete with Low and High cut knobs, crossover frequencies for each band, Crossover filter type, Compressor lookahead, and FIR attenuation.

Uraleq’s possibilities allow for advanced Mid/Side processing and multiband compression and expansion with variable knee and mix ratio. Each compressor features up to 32x FIR oversampling for enhanced audio quality. Whatever Uraleq lacks in the “instant gratification” aspect, you can probably make up for with parameter experimentation and careful listening.

Price and availability

Uraleq is free and available for computers running Windows 8.1 or later. It requires the Visual C++ Redistributable Package (2015) to work. A user manual is provided as well.

More information

Uraleq plug-in

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