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The Yamaha Revstar guitar range has now officially been launched worldwide and there are a loy of them! The styling is based on classic UK and Japanese street racing bikes apparently and there are some really nice finish options, touches to detail and custom pickup options

New Yamaha Revstar guitars  ·  Source:

Volts Electrics The Reverse

Volts Electrics The Reverse in Pelham Blue  ·  Source:

Fano boutique USA guitar standard range

JP6 Standard  ·  Source:

Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas Super Strat Neon Floyd Rose Seymour Duncan

Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas  ·  Source:

Duo Sonic, Mustang Bass, Mustang, Mustang P90, Duo-Sonic HS

New Fender Offsets for 2016  ·  Source: Fender

2016 had a whole slew of new guitars across the board, with everything from 80s ‘hot-rodded’ shredders, Indie ’boutique’ offsets through to reissues of famous player’s favourite axes with all the details and faux ageing. Here are our favourite five for you to check out – and agree or disagree with…

Volt Electrics’ The Reverse

Not cheap, but I fell in love with these on their release. They look fantastic, so if money is no object then this is definitely one to be on your radar. Sure, they are completely boutique and therefore have a small fan base, yet I feel I’d rather own one of these than yet another vintage reissue or yet another signature reissue model guitar.

So if you fancy something ‘ice-cool’ then check out the original article here

Yamaha Revstar

Next up is the Yamaha Revstar series: I feel this was a really strong range of new guitars from an established maker. Their ‘teaser’ advertising campaign was a little annoying, but the guitars themselves look great and play really well.

Since the article earlier this year I’ve played quite a few and I think they offer some versatile instruments that should appeal to many different players.

I like the styling and really enjoyed playing the different models, as each has its own voice depending on pickup configuration, with P90s and humbuckers on offer throughout the range. I forgive Yamaha their annoying advertising campaign and am looking forward to watching the range develop further in 2017.

You can check out our original article here and find out more about the range here.


Fender Mustang and Duo-Sonics

2016 was a strong year for Fender and I initially thought about listing the new Jazzmasters and the new USA Pro Series here. But on second thoughts, the new ‘short scale’ offsets were the real stars of the show. The range has some great colours, real attitude and some useful modern updates across the whole range.

These will likely be fun guitars to play, and there’s something here for everyone. With lots of history and fans of the vintage models, the jury is still out on some of the new features, as well as the lack of original fittings. Yet this release has put these guitars into many players hands – and that can only be a good thing!

Go check out the original article here 

Charvel 2016 Pro-Mod San Dimas HH FR

These high-performance guitars from Charvel come in some bold colours. And they are just downright fun. I love a good shred guitar, and I felt these were really well thought out and will appeal to players that need a well-made, modern guitar that’s easy to play. And the price is well under £1000…

You can read the original article here with the full specifications and all the details.

Fano Standard Series

The new ‘cut down’ Standard Series is in fact anything but cut down. There are just fewer options, which keeps the price down. This range offers some nice-looking boutique guitar models at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a cool guitar then the JM6 is a strong contender. And it plays really well, too. The SP6 is also a nice cross between a Fender and a Gibson that might have broad appeal for many players.

You can read all about both guitars here in my original article.



That’s all folks… I hope you enjoyed looking back at the best new guitars of 2016 – feel free to leave a comment with your views!

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