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NAMM 2017Supro Americana Island Series

Supro vintage styling and construction  ·  Source: Supro

Supro Americana Series Martinique Deluxe

Supro Americana Series Martinique Deluxe  ·  Source:

Supro Americana Series Belmont

Supro Americana Series Belmont  ·  Source:

Supro Americana Series Sahara

Supro Americana Series Sahara  ·  Source:

Supro Island Series Hampton  ·  Source:

Supro Island Series Westbury NAMM 2017 Launch

Supro Island Series Westbury  ·  Source: Supro

Supro has chosen NAMM 2017 to launch two new series, the Americana and Island ranges. These vintage-inspired recreations are all rooted in the past, and with wide variety of models to choose from and decent options, there should be something for everyone amongst this lot.

Island Series

The Island Series consists of the new Hampton, Westbury and Jamesport models. Each one is based on the 1962 version of the Supro Ozark.

Supro Island Series models all come loaded with vintage Gold Foil pickups, which are replicas of the original Supro Clear-tone pickups. The guitar bodies are from solid mahogany, with set mahogany necks and 12″ radius rosewood fretboards. They should be available in either single, double and triple pickup configurations, with a range of metallic colours, including black, white or tobacco flame maple.

Americana Series

These are the models I find particularly interesting, as they are recreations of the old vintage reso-glass instruments. These have gone through quite the renaissance since The White Stripe and The Black Keys got their hands on them. Prices for the old instruments have, of course, skyrocketed.

Supro Americana Series

Supro Americana Series launching at NAMM 2017


The following new Americana models will be shown at NAMM 2017: Sahara, Martinique, Belmont Vibrato, Coronado II Vibrato, Black Holiday, Martinique Deluxe, Coronado II, Dual-Tone and Belmont. There are two basic body styles on offer, outfitted with different hardware for a total of ten models that offer a few variations on the same theme. All are have chambered mahogany bodies, and fitted with a what Supro is calling an ‘Acousti-glass’ top. Based upon old Valco instruments, these models are all fitted with authentic Vistatone pickups. The neck construction is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard and, again, has a 12″ radius.

There should be plenty of choice for all you lovers of 1950s design. These guitars are available in either single, or double pickup configurations, with or without vibrato systems and in a range of metallic colours as well as black and white finishes.


NAMM Launch

Launching so many guitars at once is a big deal for Supro. If they get the prices right, these guitars could win the ‘best of show’ at NAMM. They look great and if the demos above are anything to go by, they sound pretty sweet too.

I look forward to hopefully trying a few of these out in 2017 myself.


Head over to the Supro site for full specifications and even more demo videos on all these new models.

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