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Supro Ozark

Supro Ozark  ·  Source: Supro

Supro has just reissued the Ozark, a guitar famous for its associations with Jimi Hendrix and Joe Perry, among others. Popular with slide players, this 50s-era guitar is now available again in a version that emulates the tone of the original but with a couple of modern improvements. 

Supro Ozark

The legend goes that Jimi Hendrix’s first electric guitar was a Supro Ozark bought for him by his father Al in 1959 at Myers Music Shop in Seattle.

Supro are keen to stress how faithful this version is to the original design. It has a single Aluma 90 pickup developed for Supro for this guitar by Lace Music. It mimics the Valco lap steel pickup of the original models. What makes this guitar unique is that the pickup is mounted on a large, steel baseplate along with the guitar’s volume and tone controls as well as the bridge. All that resonance creates a distinctive character.

Supro Ozark front

Supro Ozark front


Supro Ozark front and back

Supro Ozark front and back

Set Neck Slide

The body is mahogany with a 24.75″ scale length. The maple neck is glued on at the 14th fret, has a black satin finish on the back and a Pau Ferro fingerboard with dot markers.

As a single pickup design the Ozark has some pretty unique characteristics. It’s already well known by slide players, used by people Ry Cooder. I’m digging the whole vintage vibe here. I could easily see myself buying one if the price is right. As usual, I would encourage you to check out the official Supro video below to hear the Ozark in action. It has a unique tone that Supro says was originally designed specifically for slide guitar.

This hand-numbered, limited edition guitar ships with a certificate of authenticity and a deluxe Supro gig bag.


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