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New Yamaha Revstar guitar line to be released next week

New Yamaha Revstar Guitar teaser  ·  Source:

New Yamaha Revstar guitar line to be released next week

Yamaha Revstar. Is this one of the new range?  ·  Source:

So Yamaha are releasing a new guitar line and have been making waves with a not-so-secretive advertising campaign via their Facebook page and social media to match their new release. I cannot of course share my sources, however I have seen some images pulled from a few websites and Yamaha are playing their cards very close to their chest with this one.

On November 11th, 2015, Yamaha invited a group of VIPs from across Europe to Abbey Road Studios in London to try out their new Revstar guitar range. We though will all have to wait until next week for the ‘Big Reveal’ which is slated for the 15-12-15, according to their not so subtle advertising.

Of course there is lots of speculation all over the various guitar forums at the moment with lots of discussion and anticipation for this new guitar launch from Yamaha. Lets hope they bring out something cool like their legendary SG guitar lines form the ’70s and ’80s, as wielded by the late great John McGeoch (a personal hero of mine) à la Siouxsie & The Banshees and Magazine.

I myself own a few great Yamaha instruments and will vouch that when Yamaha get it right they really can make some quality guitars. So fingers crossed this new line will also be a winner.

Anyway here is link to their official teaser video below.

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