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Yamaha Revstar RS720BX

Yamaha Revstar RS720BX Revstar RS720BX  ·  Source: Yamaha

Yamaha’s Revstar series was introduced four years ago as the company’s answer to modern boutique instruments. The idea was to create a range of guitars with a cool, retro look in a style reminiscent of “Café Racer bikes”.

Yamaha Revstar 2019 additions

This year Yamaha has added five new models to the Revstar line-up. The new RS702B and RS720BX both have Bigsby B50 trems, while the RS820CR is a hardtail model with a TonePros AVT-II bridge.

The RS502TFMX and RS502TFM are both loaded with P90s, whereas the first three are all equipped with Alnico V humbuckers.

Flame Maple

The construction is similar across all the new models, with mahogany bodies, maple caps and three-piece mahogany necks. The only real variation is that both the RS502TFM and the RS502TFMX come with a flame maple laminated top. Apart from these two laminate tops, the rest of the models have solid finishes.

Staying true to the aesthetics of the Revstar range, these new models have a stripped back look, with brushed aluminium embellishments. The colours tend to be muted greens and blues, along with bridges, tuners and knobs in the same brushed metal finish. The new models also have the Dry Switch feature that allows you to roll off some of the low-end and get you tones more like those of a single-coil. They are activated by a push/pull switch and give you some useful tonal variations, which is always welcome.

Stand Out?

Yamaha’s Revstar range are interesting guitars, I’ve played a few of the previous models and found them to be good instruments. Ideally, I’d have thought these latest 2019 models would add something new to the series. But I think they get a little lost in amongst the existing line-up. They are good guitars, but I’m a little confused by those code number names. Pity that didn’t name them, say, after old British bikes. It would have made them stand out a little more from each other.


  • RS820CR  USD 999,
  • RS702B & RS720BX USD 899 each,  
  • RS502TFM & RS502TFMX USD 649 each

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by Jef

5 responses to “Yamaha adds new Revstar models – but do they stand out?”

  1. BeeBee says:

    The only really new ones are those with Bigsby, others are just new color variations of exiting models

    • Jef says:

      Yeah, I get that and it is odd how they are touting them as new. The whole range is generally really good. I just feel most of the models Revstar make are lost in the lineup. Too many code number and not enough character for me.

      • BeeBee says:

        yea, and it’s similar with other Asian brands as well, Ibanez, Cort, etc.
        on the other hand I never remember what’s the difference between Gibson’s classic, traditional and tribute series, or Fender’s classic and original – so it’s not that using full names is always very helpful 🙂

        re: revstars – also worth noting is that those bigsby models and some of those with new colors are limited editions

  2. Brian Cullen says:

    Yamaha is making a good effort to be cooler (piano needs need to). These guitars are cooler looking than there 90s hotrod strats.
    But they don’t look as nice as hagstrom or some other cheap brands. Still they do sound great for the money.

  3. Xaver says:

    They push the right buttons for Revstar afficionados. The naming is actually not that hard to grasp once you understand it. And the Bigsby version are def new as those combos weren’t available so far: Bigsby + medium output HB or P90s. And as for the 2 new colors available for the best model they have the rs502t: they both look spectacular.

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