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Mustang bass Duo Sonic Fender new Short Scale offsets Mexican P90 Humbucker Alnico 5 pickup

New short-scale offsets announced at Summer NAMM, including Mustang, Mustang Bass and a Duo Sonic  ·  Source: /

Fender have just announced a new range of Mustang, Mustang Bass and Duo Sonic short-scale offset guitars. Based on classic designs from the Fender back catalogue, these were originally designed as student guitars. Nowadays, though, they have a real following, especially with guitarists playing in genres like indie or alternative genres.

New and Old

Information is very limited at the time of writing. However, these are all to be made in Mexico. Although they are based on some classic ’60s Fender guitars, they are to have some ‘upgraded’ stuff, as well as some original features removed…

New pickups

The Duo Sonic has a splittable humbucker in the bridge, a hard tail bridge and will also have a modern 9.5″ radius neck. However, original features like the sliding switches (which can be a bit annoying on originals) have been removed in favour of regular Tone and Volume controls.

The Mustang features a choice of pickup, either Alnico 5 magnet or P90s. The Alnico pickups are different to the original 1960s Mustang pickups, being closer to the Stratocaster-style single-coil pickup in the way they are wound, which will probably annoy purists. There’s no information on the finer details of those pickups yet.

We will bring you more updates on this release as soon as ore information becomes available. Prices currently are only in US Dollars, but they look good and hopefully (if the pound hasn’t crashed already) we will actually be able to afford them here in the UK!

See the video below for some basic information on all three models.

Mustang bass USD $549

Mustang with P90 and Mustang USD $449

Duo Sonic price TBC


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I’m excited about the Duo Sonic, HS pickup configuration! I’m missing a short scaled neck guitar with HS pickup configuration in my collection and while it’ll probably look like a toy on me, I’m 6’3″, it’ll be a studio and songwriting dream. Thanks Fender

Tracy Sands
Tracy Sands

Only in the headline does it say short scale. All official descriptions say 24″ not 22″ so that’s a deal breaker for me.

Manny Park
Manny Park

when are these available?

Markus H Rehbach
Markus H Rehbach

finally some affordable hard-tail strats and teles…without that pesky control knob hitting my hand anytime I want to rest it on the bridge i.e mute it 😀