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Editors Picks 2016 Guitars Jef Stone

Editors Picks 2016 Guitars Jef Stone  ·  Source:


It’s been a good year for guitarists and guitar related equipment, so as the year is nearly over I have decided to do an honourable mention for my favourite pieces of ‘guitar orientated’ equipment from the past 12 months. These are in no particular order and are my personal favourites of 2016.


Epiphone Brent Hinds Flying V Signature model

Anyone that has been reading my articles would have probably guessed that I would choose this one. I liked it so much I went out and ordered one myself the moment I heard that they were being released and waited patiently for months for it to arrive!

Well, it was definitely worth the wait and I honestly think that it ‘punches well above its weight’, the Flying V styling in that Silverburst finish looks great and also makes the whole guitar ‘pop’ in those silver and black contrasts.

Hardware wise it is all top notch stuff and is a pro spec guitar, as everything is solid and well thought out.

The best part for me is the chunky neck which also balances beautifully with the lightweight body, so the guitar is comfortable both sat down and worn on a strap. Sound wise you can get great cleans, plus of course those Brent Hinds signature Lace pickups excel at crunch too.

Overall one of my favourite pieces of kit from 2016!

Epiphone Brent Hinds Flying V original article here

Epiphone Brent Hinds Signature new for 2016

Epiphone Brent Hinds Signature new for 2016 · Source:


Hudson Electronics BC-24V-LTD

The Hudson Electronics BC-24V-LTD is one of the most versatile preamp pedals that was released this year and so deserves to be. The circuit is based upon a ’60s style recording console and the pedal can also do fuzz beautifully.

Again, it was so good I went out and ordered one myself, I had to wait for it to be built and so it was another one of those scenarios where you are hoping it will be great when it does finally arrive. I was not disappointed and will go on record to say that it is brilliant.

Words cannot describe how useful this pedal is if you want a flexible boost / drive / fuzz pedal and it does what it does perfectly. One to watch out for in 2017, as I know there well may be other versions of this appearing in the future.

If you get the chance to try one, then do it. And no hype, just being honest here, this pedal is fantastic!

You can read my original on the Hudson Electronics BC-24V-LTD article here

Hudson Electronics UK Limited Edition 60 units worldwide BC-24-LTD NOS black glass

BC-24-LTD utilising Valvo made NOS germanium black glass transistor and finished in British Racing Green. · Source:


Friedman The Runt 20w

I love Friedman amps ( I own a Friedman Pink Taco), so when I heard that Dave Friedman was making a more budget friendly version of his Brown Eye model I was very happy.

Mr Friedman has a great ear for amp tones and I believe many players that own his guitar amplifiers would agree with me on that statement. He has had a really busy year releasing amplifiers and also a new pedal range.

Just for me, this has to be the best of the lot, as it means his great amps can get into the hands of more players, without them having to break the bank.  Again, go out and try some of his amps, don’t just take my word for it. Seriously, go check out The Runt and let me know what you think.

I think the 20w model is versatile enough for most players and if you need more power they do a 50w version as well!

The original Friedman The Runt article is here if you want to know more about this great amp.

Friedman The Runt 20 watt

The Runt 20 watt front panel · Source:

Okay, well those are my favourite pieces of guitar gear from 2016. It was hard to only choose three, as there were so many I loved, including The Mooer Ocean Machine, most of the Dr No Effects pedals and the new Fender Offsets. But I had to whittle it down to just three and so I went with my ears and heart on this one.

Let me know what your favourites were and if you agree or disagree with my choices.

See you all in 2017 for even more gear news!

Editors Picks 2016 Guitars Jef Stone

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