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Hudson Electronics UK Limited Edition 60 units worldwide BC-24-LTD NOS black glass

BC-24-LTD utilising Valvo made NOS germanium black glass transistor and finished in British Racing Green.  ·  Source:


Hudson Electronics have announced the BC-24V-LTD, which takes its inspiration from classic recording consoles of the 1960s. “The unique way in which the circuit saturates and colours your signal,” say Hudson, “can be used to produce biting clean boosts, subtly coloured and thickened signals with a frayed-at-the-edge quality or – when pushed – an individual sounding overdrive with a fuzzy, fried  texture.”


Hudson Electronics are a small UK-based boutique pedal builder. I once owned a Mr Soul Fuzz pedal made by them around 8 years ago. The pedal was completely handmade and the sound quality was very high, the circuit was simple and only used the best NOS components. At the time they looked a little ‘home made’ and you could be forgiven for thinking it was bit of a ‘one off’; mine looked like it was hand-painted in some kind of Hammerite and had Letraset applied graphics. However, the company seems to have grown considerably since I last owned any of their pedals and the current lineup looks a lot more professional in terms of finish and graphics.

The BC-24V-LTD uses a transformer-coupled, discrete Class-A germanium circuit running internally at 24 volt. As it runs from a standard 9-volt supply, it must have some kind of internal charge pump to get that higher voltage. Hudson claim that the “increased voltage gives extra headroom and a tighter low end”. The Valvo-made NOS germanium black glass transistor is part of what makes it a limited edition model. It also has a different paint job compared to the regular version.

Here’s some information from the Hudson website about the various modes:

“In LOW mode, the pedal has most headroom and stays nearly clean across its range, whilst retaining colouration from its germanium circuit and transformer.

The MID mode is voiced to sound and behave as the regular Broadcast – still pretty clean but adding more grit and saturation to the mix.

In HIGH mode, as with the regular Broadcast, the BC-24V-LTD heads into overdrive, distortion and fuzz but with a slightly tighter low end. Maximum gain in HIGH mode can be adjusted to taste, using the internal trimmer.


The BC-24V-LTD will be limited to 60 pieces worldwide.”

No official videos are available yet, but I have included one of the regular version so you can get an idea of what these pedals look like.


  • NOS Valvo black glass Germanium transistor
  • TRIAD Magnetics steel-core transformer
  • 3 position gain switch
  • Gain trim pot for the HIGH gain mode


  • Level
  • Gain Switch – which switched between low, medium and high
  • Gain Trim
  • Low Cut
  • High Gain Trim (trimmer located inside the Broadcast) – Adjusts the maximum gain available when in high-gain mode.

Availability: February 2016

RRP GBP £160 limited Worldwide to 60 pedals.

Hudson Electronics UK Limited Edition 60 units worldwide BC-24-LTD NOS black glass

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