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Tactical Nuke

 ·  Source: 3 Sigma Audio

The noble art of audio mangling meets a new plug-in for creative signal destruction called Tactical Nuke. Developed by 3 Sigma Audio, Tactical Nuke is a wavetable device capable of both analog and digital-sounding distortion. There are 512 wavetables included, along with the ability to import your own.

However, wavetables are not all this plug-in is about. The following sounds and features are available:

  • Preamp Distortion (the Input Gain knob) – analog-sounding distortion reminiscent of guitar amplifiers and pedals. Has a bypassable Tone control for tonal shaping.
  • Sample Reduction – Lowers audio fidelity to create aliasing and other artifacts. Goes as low as 250Hz!
  • Oversampling (2x to 8x) – to keep distortion aliasing-free if you don’t want it.
  • Wavetable Distortion – uses wavetables as waveshapers to distort audio. Two wavetables can be chosen and blended between with the fader.
  • Bit Manipulation – offers bit reduction and bit rounding, pre or post-waveshaping.
  • Output Filter – two-pole resonant filter to tame unpleasant harshness.

All that and a badass user interface which scales automatically to your display resolution will have you creatively decimating audio just for fun.

Tactical Nuke costs USD 35 and is found in VST3, AAX, and AU formats for Windows (64/32-bit) and macOS. While you are it, check out stuff from Unfiltered Audio: Dent, Indent, and SpecOps.

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