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Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio Dent

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A couple of weeks ago Plugin Alliance released a thoroughly nasty plug-in called Indent. It was free until now and you can read about my enthusiastic response to the nastiness here. In a master stroke of marketing savviness Plugin Alliance have followed it up with an even nastier, ultra-violent hardcore distortion plug-in called Dent. My appetite has been whet with Indent and now I must have the new one – genius.


Unfiltered Audio Dent

Again, an underwhelming name. This is not a Dent it’s a car crash, it’s a riot, it’s looting and pillaging. “Dent”? Oh come on! This is audio destruction, mutilation and disintegration – not warmth, drive, fatness or even phatness. As with Indent the interface snarls and shouts at you, the waveform display spitting abuse and comments about your mother.

There are 6 bit-crushers, a sample rate mauler, clipping tools for squaring off your nice clean sounds into nastiness. Harmonic content can be boosted with wavefold processing and then obliterated with the Probability control to emulates failing tubes. You can place the low pass filter before or after the distortion and there’s a real analogue feel/squeal to the resonance. There are two waveshaping tools to independently adjust, flip or squash the amplitude or phase. If the controls don’t inspire you then they’ve included a range of presets from the likes of The Crystal Method, Mirrorball Entertainment, Julius Dobos and Toby Pitman.


Dent has twice the modulators of Indent giving 6 LFO’s to mess with whatever you fancy. I really like the simple modular patching system where you can drag a cable to whatever will accept it – just to see what will happen. Once you’ve got multiple LFO’s modulating LFO’s modulating filters you find yourself in a glorious disaster.

Of course you can use it more creatively, subtly, musically to colour and define your sound like a complete wimp – each to your own.


There’s a “talking head” trailer video featuring all sorts of “top producers” running on about how much they love this plug-in. Nah, that doesn’t capture it – skip to the demo video below. Or even better just get it and play with yourself until you go blind – that’s nasty.

Unfiltered Audio Dent is $99 and you’ll get the little brother Indent for free. If you signed up and downloaded Indent over the last couple of weeks then you’ll get an email with an awesome upgrade offer for $29 until the end of August.

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Plugin Alliance Unfiltered Audio Dent

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