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Unfiltered Audio Indent

Unfiltered Audio Indent  ·  Source: screen shot

Plugin Alliance have released a deliciously horrible new plug-in. It’s called Indent from their Unfiltered Audio range and it really is quite nasty. It’s free until the 15th August so if you can cope with the very convoluted registration and checkout system then go and get yourself a copy.



It’s not the right word. Indent implies a small push or dent in something, perhaps to move some words on a page of poetry to give emphasis. No, this should be smash, crash, crunch, blast or whachang! Indent is a saturation and overdrive plug-in with an interface as nasty as the sound. It sits there and shouts at you. At a basic level you’ve got saturation on the input and output, hard and soft clip plus wavefold and overfold. Then in the middle you have a low pass filter. It’s all pretty simple and very gritty.

In the centre of the GUI there’s a black space into which it slaps the resultant waveform. The black and white display feels angry and intense and you wonder whether you should perhaps go looking for something a bit nicer. But it’s far from over. You have a pissed off modulation system that wants to mess you about. Add up to 6 freely assignable LFO’s to control anything you want. There’s 6 different wave shapes and control over amplitude and frequency. But the cool thing is the patch cables. Every knob has a little patch socket that you probably didn’t see at first. Take the output of any LFO and wire it directly to any other knob. Before you know it you have a whole world of hurt.

Indent is a lot of fun and will make all your music sound completely bass ass.

More information available on the Plugin Alliance website.


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