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Tenderfoot Source and Confluence

Tenderfoot Source and Confluence  ·  Source: Tenderfoot

Source is an analog VCO and LFO with a huge frequency range and Confluence brings in some optional wave mixing, crossfading and noise.


Source is Tenderfoot Electronic’s new analog oscillator. It can cover a huge range of frequencies via its 12-octave knob and switching between VCO and LFO modes. The lowest mode manages to complete a cycle in about 2 minutes.

There are 4 waveform outputs; triangle, sawtooth, pulse (with pulse width modulation) and sine wave. The square wave sub output has 3 options: 1 octave down, 2 octaves down or 2 octaves down at 25% duty cycle, which means it’s half the width of the regular square wave.

CV control is available over 1v/Oct, Exponential and Linear FM, Pulse width modulation and Sync which can be switched between hard and soft.

There’s a good looking glowing light in the middle that indicates the polarity of the waveforms from green to red, positive to negative and is particularly useful with LFOs.

Source looks a bit complicated but there’s nothing unusual going on – this is a solid and well-featured VCO. The styling of Tenderfoots modules can seem a little busy but I really like the look of them.


Confluence is a companion module to the Source and connects via a cable at the back. It adds a 2-channel waveform mixer and CV controlled crossfader.

Each waveform from Source can be routed to channel A or B via a switch and level dial so you could combine square and sine in one channel and triangle and sawtooth in the other – or whatever combination you’re after. Channels A and B have their own outputs or they can be crossfaded between at the “Out” output. The crossfading “Blend” control can also be controlled via CV.

The Sub oscillator is hardwired to channel A and some white noise is hardwired to channel B for some added spice but you don’t have to dial those in unless you want to.

Confluence is a really useful addition to Source and fulfills many functions that you would normally perform with a bunch of other modules. It also encourages the creative blending of waveforms.


These will both be available in the summer and they don’t yet appear on the website. Price is yet to be announced.

More modules

It looks like Tenderfoot has a few new modules on the way with posts on Instagram about the wave folding Folder module, Echo Delay and Feed expander. Keep an eye out for more details.

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