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Tenderfoot Lattice

Tenderfoot Lattice  ·  Source: Robin Vincent


Tenderfoot is prepared to release their first Eurorack module. It’s a simple 12-step sequencer called Lattice and it’s fabulous.



Step sequencing is the mainstay of Eurorack music making. Used extensively for both notes and CV modulation. Most sequencers tend to be pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, offering multiple functions, doubling up on controls – not the Lattice. Instead, Lattice holds true to the simplest ideas of step sequencing and then offers a playful push into different directions without sacrificing a single step or multifunctioning a knob.

The 12 steps are attached to 12 knobs set out in a 4-row, 3-column configuration. It has 4 CV inputs and 1 CV output. Put a clock into input 1 and it steps through each of the 12 steps in turn starting at the top left. A trigger into input 2 nudges the step down a column and a trigger into input 3 nudges it along a row. The final input resets the sequence. Plugging in a combination of triggers and clocks can move the sequence in all sorts of directions. Or you could get more deliberate and use it as a 4-pattern 3-step sequencer, or a 3-pattern 4-step sequencer.

But what I like about Lattice more than anything is that when you set a knob to a position it stays there and always shows you that value. So glancing at the knobs will tell you what sort of pitches to expect because they are always pointing to that pitch, to the voltage that you set it to. Sounds obvious but so many other sequencers use the knobs for other functions and so the pitch setting is lost.

Combine Lattice with a quantizer for some brilliantly musical sequencing that remains true to its knob position.

Lattice is a simple sequencer but one that’s so enjoyable to play with. I made the video (below) of me just jamming with one into the 2HP Pluck – it’s a fabulous thing. Peter Young of Tenderfoot is in the middle of preparing the online shop as well as working on their next module. Looks like they are coming up with an expander module for the Lattice:


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Price isn’t confirmed yet but if you are interested then contact Peter via the website or Instagram.

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Tenderfoot Lattice

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