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Masters of minimalist self-promotion Hyakken have quietly released HY-SEQ16x3, an analog style step sequencer plug-in for MacOS and Windows. They do their best not to tell anyone or give away too much information about it. Which is a shame because it’s probably quite good.


The information-lite website tells us that the HY-SEQ16x3 is 3 independently controlled step sequencer units and 2 LFO units wrapped up in a single interface. The manual says it was inspired by the Doepfer MAQ16/3. The first sequencer (SEQ1) can output MIDI note, velocity and gate values. Simply dial in the notes and ties on the 16 knobs and mess about with the probability. The other two sequencers are slightly simpler and can be assigned a single target parameter. They can be set to control an aspect of SEQ1, the mod or pitch wheel or any CC number. There’s a preset manager, undo and redo and you can randomise all the settings.

So I’m guessing that there’s some fun to be had sequencing functions of the sequencer. There’s no video tutorials or examples at this time, which is a shame because it would be great to get a better idea about what Hyakken intended. You can download a demo and there is a free version which has a single sequencer and no LFO. The Bedroom Producers Blog have been good enough to post a quick demo of the free version.

HY-SEQ16x3 looks really interesting in terms of functionality if a bit dull in terms of GUI (although it does scale which is great to see). It’s $28 and is available from their website here and I recommend downloading the manual for a tiny bit more detail.

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