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Tenderfoot Quad Quantizer

Tenderfoot Quad Quantizer  ·  Source: Tenderfoot


Tenderfoot has released a very affordable Quad Quantizer module for Eurorack that offers 4 channels of musical output, transposition and an innovative sample and hold feature.


Quad Quantizer

It’s a 4-channel CV quantizer that can turn your modular meanderings into meaningful musical notes. It has custom note selection, 12 pre-programmed scales and transposition. The scales and transposition can be set manually on individual knobs or via CV. An encoder lets you cycle through notes on the little LED keyboard to create your own custom scale and a button press enables or disables a note. All 4 channels are then tied to that scale. It’s lovely and simple.

Each channel also has a trigger input and output. The trigger input samples and holds the current voltage at the CV input until the next trigger is received. This is a great way of pulling melody out of noise or changing the rate of flow through the CV input. The trigger output sends a pulse every time a new CV value is produced which you could use to apply an envelope to your notes.

The second button has a couple of functions. It can clear the current scale with a long push. With a not-too-long-but-longer-than-a-tap push it will save the current notes into memory. With a tap it will switch between the current selection and the memorised one. This can give you the ability to change instantly between two types of scale or chords. It would have been nice if this was also CV controllable or perhaps offered a handful more memory slots, although you can achieve much with the CV control over scale and transpose.


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At only $200 it’s very good value compared to any other quantizer. Most single channel quantizers vary from $100-$200 and the most common quad quantizer, the ADDAC207, is over twice the price. Although the Tenderfoot Quad Quantizer doesn’t have all the features of the ADDAC207 it does offer some remarkable melodic possibilities particularly if polyphony is something you’re exploring in your Eurorack. Tenderfoot has a growing collection of interesting modules built by Peter Young, a British synth enthusiast living in Taiwan. Currently, they are only available direct from Taiwan but ship internationally.

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