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Shakmat Bard Quartet

Shakmat Bard Quartet  ·  Source: Shakmat


The Bard Quartet Quad Programmable Quantizer is all about dialling in the harmony and it has finally made it to the shops after being first seen last April.


Bard Quartet

Quantizers are a terribly useful part of a Eurorack experience for people who like a bit of certainty in their musical experimentations. It will take your sequenced voltages and shift them onto a predetermined range of musical notes. With the Bard Quartet you have 4 channels controlling the voltages from 4 sources to 4 destinations.

The notes are set via the keyboard buttons on the left making it very visual and easy to edit on the fly. Scales can be saved and recalled for each channel and you can save the whole lot as a scene.


What’s particularly interesting about the Bard Quartet is how it works as a musical whole. The idea is that the channels are working together. There’s a single gate input to gate all 4 channels at once and similarly there’s a single transpose input to shift everything together. But it’s the Harmony knob that pulls it all together by dialling in any of 8 customisable harmonic progressions pushing ideas and melodies about the place with a twist of a knob. It’s a really great idea.

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Otherwise, we find a useful Arpeggiator function and microtuning some optional input interaction and versatile tuning for V/Oct, Hz/V and Buchla.

The Bard Quartet is available now for €395.

Shakmat Bard Quartet

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