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TipTop Audio QuantiZer panel from three angles

TipTop Audio QuantiZer panel from three angles  ·  Source:


So it’s not just about keeping things in time then? No, this QuantiZer is a creative melody composing module. Notice the row of little knobs down the right-hand side – that’s a keyboard, and the knobs are actually switches. There’s a lot more going on here than the word QuantiZer would suggest.



First, let me say that I’m not sure what the promotional video is trying to tell us. The painted lips of the woman in the video are so terrifying that they distract from whatever alchemy she’s supposed to be performing. I think the idea they are trying to convey is that this module is a bit magic and if the backing track is anything to go by then it could well be. But is the music coming from the woman fiddling with the QuantiZer? Doesn’t appear to be, no.

So what does it do? Well, the quantizer bit of it is to do with taking CV input and converting (or quantizing) it to western chromatic scales. Is it a bit like Autotune for CV signals? Yes, I guess it is. The idea is that it takes all the guess work out of tuning and setting pitch knobs from sequencers and other triggering devices. This way your VCO’s will receive perfect signals to generate the perfect note.

Added extras

The other things it can do are along the lines of adding and subtracting notes from the defined scale, it can transpose sequences, switch scales, add portamento, scale the input range and such like. You can do most of these things from the keyboard at the side or by the slider in the middle of the panel. And yes, you can play it like a keyboard.

As far as scales are concerned major and minor are instantly available and then there’s room for two banks of twelve user scales.

The QuantiZer features a SyncBus socket on the back for connection to other TipTop modules. This allows it to receive a variety of clock formats from sequencers such as the Circadia Rhythm.


It’s an interesting module that’s designed to tidy up wayward CV signals and give you a bit more control. Add into that the abilities to mess with scales, transpose and add portamento and you’ve got something that could get pretty experimental when combined with a sequencer.

No news on pricing or availability at this time but for more information please visit the TipTop Audio website.

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