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PRS SIlver Sky with Kahler trem main

PRS SIlver Sky with Kahler trem main  ·  Source: Instagram/Kahler

Yes, this is a legitimate John Mayer signature PRS Silver Sky model and yes, it has a Kahler trem system attached to the body. Who would do such a thing?

Silver Kahler

Turns out that Kahler itself would do such a thing. It appears that the company took it upon itself to remove the fully functioning PRS trem system, and replace it with a Kahler locking trem system instead. The resulting beast-of-an-upgrade has been floating around on Instagram and Facebook all weekend. Maybe the folks at Kahler weren’t happy with the way the PRS trem is set flush with the body?

Upgrade the Sky

This little “upgrade” would likely involve a few modifications and I’m not quite sure how reversible they would be. I’m just wondering if John Mayer himself will be seen wielding one soon?


PRS SIlver Sky with Kahler trem

PRS SIlver Sky with Kahler trem

A purist’s nightmare?

Since its release, the Silver Sky has been controversial among Fender and PRS purists, so to put a locking bridge system onto one will probably send them over the edge!

What do you think of this upgrade? Do you think it’s a smart idea? Or is it just too insane for an otherwise ‘understated’ instrument? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Bill Ruppert

If you like it and it feels good to play . Why not?
People get so hung up on what they think should be, that they forget to listen to the end product.
If it makes you play better or feel like you play better…DO IT.
There is no right or wrong in guitars.


It’s okay. Strat clones never retain their value anyway…

William Paxson

Maybe more like the folks at Kahler wanted a tremolo on it that would actually stay in tune.


Kerry King is making a blues album?

Fed up

Tremolo modulates volume. This is a vibrato. A vibrato modulates pitch.