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sE Reflexion Filter Pro Mounting Bracket Upgrade Kit

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sE Electronics pioneered reflection filters in 2006, and May this year saw a 10th anniversary model with improved hardware which is now available as an ‘upgrade’. This new Mounting Bracket Upgrade Kit could be the fix everything owners of any ‘Reflexion Filter Pro’ were looking for. It’s only taken 10 years to get it right.


sE Electronics – Reflexion Filter Pro – Mounting Bracket Upgrade Kit

We must to commend sE Electronics for ultimately inventing a product 10 years ago that created a whole new category in the pro audio sector. Their ‘Reflexion’ filters had an unusual concept to remove reflections from the rear side of a microphone. Whilst this isn’t as effective as adding dampening in-front of a mic and behind the singer or source, they still offer a range of benefits. For example, they dampen any room noise such as equipment fans or air conditioning, and reduce the amount of source sound entering and bouncing around your room.

Unfortunately these reflection filters, especially the Reflexion Filter Pro’s, aren’t very lightweight. The mounting hardware has always been slightly fiddly, and when you include the weight of a microphone they tip the centre of balance heavily. This means most regular mic stands suffer from drooping, or in a worst case will topple over. I’ve seen some users managing to invert the original mounting hardware so that the weight is more evenly distributed.

Along with the release of their 10th anniversary model in May this year, sE have now upgraded the hardware. It is available as a separate purchase for anyone with a Reflexion Filter Pro. Unfortunately this feels like a ‘fix’ rather than an upgrade. I assume that we will see a new model being released to include the new hardware. Unfortunately there’s no mention of current models including this for new customers. However, there is an available discount and even with this kit included, this is still a very reasonably priced unit compared to other solutions.

More Information

This so called ‘Upgrade Kit’, is available through all sE Electonics’ authorised distributors. It is designed for any Reflexion Filter Pro manufactured between 2006 and 2016. If you bought yours within the last 12 months, then you are eligible for a 25% discount with a proof a purchase. The full recommended retail price will be around 49.90 EUR. Check out sE’s accessories webpage for more information about the new Mounting Bracket Upgrade Kit.


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