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Vult Freak

Vult Freak  ·  Source: Vult


You may be more familiar with Vult through their software modules for VCV Rack and Voltage Modular. Freak is their second hardware module for Eurorack and brilliantly pulls all of their software filter emulations into the world of modular hardware.



There’s something wonderfully strange about building hardware based upon the software emulations of hardware. It’s like some kind of twisted cycle of synthesis evolution. Anyway, Vult believe that their filter emulations deserve the freedom of a hardware shell that gets them out of the computer and into the hands of hardware fiddlers. Sounds like a great idea.

The filters in question include models based on a Steiner-Parker filter, a Moog Ladder filter, a Polivoks, an MS-20, and an LPG/Borg filter. Then there’s a CMOS filter, a Resonant Comb filter, a State Variable filter and a Circuit Bent State Variable filter. So you’ve got everything pretty much covered.

The module itself looks decent and has a stereo signal path. It’s 12HP wide and quite deep at 50mm. It has to have enough controls to serve all these different filter types and they’ve gone for Cutoff, Resonance, Drive and then two mystery parameters called A and B which will presumably change depending on the loaded filter. All these controls have CV inputs with attenuators. There’s a little display with a couple of buttons for selecting the filter.


The Vult Freak should be available in August for €225.

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Vult Freak

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    Nope says:

    I want to buy an expensive hardware filter just so I can have a digital emulation of a real hardware filter, said no one ever.

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