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G-Storm Electro XaVCF

G-Storm Electro XaVCF  ·  Source: ModularGrid // YouTube/gstormelectro


The G-Storm Electro XaVCF module is a recreation of the Oberheim OB-Xa filter in Eurorack format. In addition to the original’s filter modes, the XaVCF offers new 1-pole band pass and low pass modes, as well as comprehensive CV control.


G-Storm Electro XaVCF

Behringer isn’t the only manufacturer bringing circuits from various legendary synthesizers into the Eurorack format. G-Storm Electro offers a growing selection of Eurorack modules based on oscillators, filters, and other circuits from the Roland SH-101, SH-2 and Jupiter, Korg Delta, ARP Odyssey and others. The manufacturer’s latest creation is a filter module based on the Oberheim OB-Xa, one of the classic polysynths of the 80s.

At the heart of the XaVCF are two filter circuits based on Alpha AS3320 chips, which are recreations of the original’s CEM/Curtis 3320 ICs. You can choose from the two filter modes of the original, a 4-pole low pass and a 2-pole state-variable low pass. Expanding on the feature set of the OB-Xa, both circuits also have additional 1-pole options. In mode I, this gives you a 1-pole band pass filter, while more II offers a 1-pole low pass.

According to the developer, both modes offer self-oscillating resonance with CV control. When controlled by the CV2 input, this means that the XaVCF can also be used as a sine wave generator with 1V/oct tracking. The module offers two audio inputs and a total of three CV inputs with attenuators. CV1 is an extended range input, while CV2 offers V/oct tracking. CV3 controls the resonance.

Price and availability

G-Storm Electro hasn’t officially announced the release date and price of the XaVCF yet. But there are rumours that the module may be ready in late February, and that it’ll cost around EUR 188.

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G-Storm Electro XaVCF

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