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G-Storm Electro 101-VCO and 101-VCF

G-Storm Electro 101-VCO and 101-VCF  ·  Source: G-Storm Electro

G-Storm Electro has released two modules for Eurorack that aim to bring the sound and function of the Roland SH-101 into Eurorack form. The 101-VCO and 101-VCF pretty much nails it.


The oscillator is very familiar and you’ll find that CEM3340 chip in all sorts of places. What’s cool about the 101-VCO is that G-Storm has designed the front panel in such a way to capture the flavour of the SH-101. Or perhaps more accurately it captures the flavour of the Behringer MS-1 because like Behringer they’ve decided to reveal the triangle wave and the FM that the Roland SH-101 doesn’t have.

The 101-VCO has pulse, sawtooth and triangle waveforms with a pulse wave sub-oscillator with 2-octave choices and noise. It’s all mixed together in the bottom half of the panel and has a single mixed output, although there’s also an expander available to give you individual outputs – nice! At the top you get CV controllable pulse-width, FM, range and tuning. It’s all there really quite brilliantly.


The filter is good and simple following the same design with separate CV over the cutoff and resonance plus two inputs with a balance knob between them.

Red or Blue?

The modules are available with either red or blue faceplates and they look absolutely fabulous. They’ve also got a Pro One, Jupiter 6 and Korg style filter modules up there amongst other cool stuff.

Available now

The 101-VCO is available for €210 and the 101-VCF goes for €196.

More information

  • G-Storm Electro Reverb store.

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