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Apple iPad Pro 2024 and new iPad Air

Apple iPad Pro 2024 and new iPad Air  ·  Source: Apple


Alongside an updated Apple Pencil, Apple today unveiled the new iPad Pro 2024, as well as a refreshed iPad Air series.


New Apple iPad Pro 2024 with Ultra Retina XDR Display

The new Apple iPad Pro 2024 is more than a simple update. With a new design and advanced technology, it marks an important upgrade of the product range. Firstly, it’s thinner than ever: The 11” version measures just 5.3 millimeters in thickness, while the 13” model is even thinner at 5.1 millimeters. Pretty sleek! And secondly, Apple has relocated the camera, optimizing the table for use in landscape mode.

Another significant new feature of the iPad Pro 2024 is the new OLED display, which Apple markets as “Ultra Retina XDR”. With two OLED layers, this technology promises improved image quality with deep blacks and vibrant colors. And last, but not least, there’s of course the new M4 processor. According to Apple, the new SOC offers improved energy efficiency and 4x the performance per watt.

The new iPad Pro 2024 will begin to ship next week. The 11” model begins at $999, while the 13” version costs $1299 and up. Depending on how you spec it out, the iPad Pro 2024 can cost as much as $3199, which makes it the most expensive iPad in history.

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The iPad Air gets a Refresh

In addition to the iPad Pro 2024, Apple announced the next-generation iPad Air, which is available in two sizes for the first time. This continues the trend set by the iPhone and iPhone Plus. As a more affordable alternative to the Pro model, the iPad Air now also comes in 11” and 13” sizes. In contrast to the new iPad Pro, however, both models still feature the Liquid Retina Display.

The M2 processor under the hood promises a significant performance boost over the previous M1 model. According to Apple, it not only offers better CPU and graphics performance, but also improved machine learning and AI capabilities. While Apple has chosen not to implement an even newer chip, the performance of the M2 should be more than enough for the tablet.

While the base model iPad Air still starts at $599, it now offers 128 GB of memory – twice the amount of the predecessor. The new 13” version begins at $799. This new model is especially interesting for anyone looking for a larger screen at a lower price than the iPad Pro.

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Apple iPad Pro 2024 and new iPad Air

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4 responses to “Apple unveils iPad Pro 2024 and a bigger iPad Air”

    Donald barcelo says:

    apple – cook schrooge as been busy again

    Ab. says:

    A 13inch ipad for less than 800$ is a great deal. It kinda makes the pro version irrelevant.

    Other than that, more of the same, and i’m fine with that.

    Feurope says:

    As a long time iPad user I hope they finally solve all the small issues in the iPadOS, like onscreen keyboard showing wrong stuff etc. It’s all the small things that make me consider not upgrading yet again… not my loss.

    If the operating system is still constrained and gimped, then all that deliciously improved hardware on the iPad Pro is somewhat of a waste.

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