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Dave Smith Instrument's DSM03 Tuned Feedback Module

Dave Smith Instrument's DSM03 Tuned Feedback Module  ·  Source:


The DSM03 Feedback Module is the third Eurorack module to emerge from the DSI labs. It’s a sound shaping component pulled directly from the Pro 2 and Prophet 12 synthesizers, and is available now.



The feedback line is “tuned for sound mangling”, and there’s a “newly designed resonant low-pass filter for tone shaping and a triggerable noise source for Karplus-Strong-type plucked string synthesis”. Also included is a single audio input and output, as well as individual CV control over feedback amount, tuning, LPF frequency and resonance. Finally there’s an audio trigger input for the noise source.


The filter is a new digital design based in part on classic analogue filter architecture. It’s a resonant, 4-pole low-pass filter with over-sampling and 24bit 96kHz resolution.

This seems a good, simple but effective Eurorack module offering what DSI call that “Dave Smith sound”. I am always boggled when a manufacturer releases something unique and interesting without any demonstration videos or sound examples. With Eurorack in particular I believe it’s important to experience what a module can do. This is very lazy of DSI, in my opinion.

The DSM03 is available now for $275. More information on the DSI website.


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