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Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer

Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer  ·  Source: Division 6


From Division 6, the makers of small things, come two tiny synthesizers in one 18HP Eurorack module with glorious 8-bit sound.


Dual Mini Synthesizer

It’s quite remarkable what Division 6 are able to squeeze into the modest format of Eurorack. They did it with that pair of sequencers and now they’ve got a pair of synths. We saw this at the Knobcon event back in September but now all the details have been revealed.

It is two of the exact same thing. In each synth, you select a pulse, square, triangle or sawtooth wave which emerges from the single output (on each). You have two LFOs with shaping and you can route them to the VCO or VCA. There’s a Glide control, a simple Attack/Release envelope and a Sample & Hold circuit. There’s a manual gate trigger that can be locked on to let the sound through. Finishing it off is a low pass filter with cutoff control.

These are simple synths but they are quite powerful sound sources in the context of a small Eurorack system. It is designed to be a bit grungy and lo-fi so don’t expect a pristine or sweet sound.


The Dual Mini Synthesizer is available as a kit for $90 or fully assembled for £200. The kit doesn’t look too taxing, just lots of pots and patch sockets, so I’d recommend having a go at that.

For a walkthrough of the build and a demo of the sound, check out this video from C.K. Haun. They could definitely do with some more videos showing off the sound possibilities.

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Division 6 Dual Mini Synthesizer

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