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Behringer synthesizer

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Following on from their exciting and annoying synthesizer teaser campaign Behringer appear to be setting up a complete synthesizer division.

A post on the forum from Uli Behringer (head honcho at Behringer, obviously) says:

The response for this synth has been so overwhelming that we have decided to establish a comprehensive Synthesizer Division. We are currently hiring 30 engineers and product managers in the UK and Canada; feel free to apply.

The current synthesizer, revealed so far to be an analogue 12-voice polysynth (for more on that click here) was put together by the recently acquired Midas division in the UK. Presumably they will be expanding that department in order to develop more synthesizer technology.

Uli also indicates that they are open to the ideas and feature requests of the synthesizer community:

Please share with us what synths, drum machines, samplers etc. or features you like to have. Be assured we will carefully listen.

There’s no doubt that the synthesizer world has been reborn through the affordable hardware of Arturia, Korg and Roland. If there’s one thing that Behringer do undisputably well it’s affordability. So this new synth and what will develop afterwards is going to be very interesting indeed. Of course the level of hype has reached such a height now that there’s an increasing danger of crushing disappointment – let’s hope not.

Still nothing going on on the Behringer website.

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“Be assured we will carefully listen” … and copy them 1:1. LOL 馃榾

Julia Fruchtiger
Julia Fruchtiger

many behringer-products are way better then the copied originals


I am pleased with the openess of the man at the top at Behringer to listen to customers. Ask anybody who has bought Korg and Roland Synths in the last few years and you will hear of bugs, design errors and the lack of updates, in other words, poor customer follow up. It seems that Japanese engineers are good at hiding their errors with the boss and inform that everything is OK when it is clearly not. In the Uk generally we dont have that hang up as much. So pleased, that Uli wants the Uk to get this one… Read more »

Serios sam
Serios sam

Dear uli, please produce a midi controller clone of the tempest sequencer and pads. Perhaps consider a multitimbral analog desktop unit with inter modulation of some sort that is not hidden in arcane menus and full of bugs like the tetra. Support for Linnstrument and perhaps new expressive synth modules for similar multi channel expressive controllers. The poorly executed designs for Midi controllers from Akai has left another hole in the market. Not every thing needs blinking LED’s. Noiseless powered USB’s hub for Midi and audio connections. (just pass through not hosting) a comprehensive midi hardware sequencer like yamaha QY… Read more »