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Behringer Synthesizer

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Ok Behringer this is starting to get silly. This is the third teaser for their new Behringer synthesizer about which we still don’t know a hell of a lot. The out of focus shots and the mumblings of some synthesizer heads are starting to wear a little thin. If they’re not careful they’ll have used up all the interest before we actually see what it is.

It does sound like it’s polyphonic. One of the pundits mentions that it doesn’t sound like anything else which is weird because in the background is something that very much sounds like a synth (I’m sure we know what he means). I’m loving the Roland Juno-style fader controls – always liked the way it represented the envelope and how they are easy to read. And like the Juno the oscillators appear to be digitally controller DCO’s rather than analogue VCO’s. There’s talk of two oscillators, a tone mod, and there’s what looks like four LED’s next to a label “Voices”. It makes sense for it to be a 4 voice poly-synth in light of what the Korg Minilogue offers which is surely it’s nearest rival. There’s a pair of LFO’s, a unison mode – this is getting slightly tortuous!

Come on the Behringer, spill the beans before it hits over-hype and we end up disappointed!

Keep an eye on Facebook. And if you missed the other teasers you’ll find them below.


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2 years ago

akai ax-60?

2 years ago

oops i should have watched the vids ??‍♀️?

2 years ago

prophet? lol