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Vector Synth

Vector Synth  ·  Source: Vector Synth

Vector Synth screen

Vector Synth screen  ·  Source: Vector Synth


Vector Synth has released a 43-second teaser video of their forthcoming Vector Digital Hardware Synthesizer.



Here’s what we know: Not a lot. We know it’s a black box covered in knobs and satisfyingly analogue switches. It has a load of white LEDs and some very clear labelling. In the middle is a very smart looking screen with stuff moving about on it, presumably vectorising or some such. There are words like “Direction” and “Suborbit” which are very intriguing.

Assuming by “Vector” they are meaning vector synthesis then this could be based upon the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS, or the later Yamaha SY or Korg Wavestation or Oasys. The basic idea is that you have 4 sound sources set in the corners of a flat plane. Sound is generated at a point between these 4 sounds that morphs and crossfades between them depending on the position. Typically you’d use a joystick to play about with the position. That would make some sense of the Direction and Suborbit labels. I imagine it would employ inertia to animate the position, modulating in all sorts of directions.

In the video you can see controls for effects and envelopes and a lot or orbiting. I guess we will have to wait and see as more information emerges.


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Vector Synth

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