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Rob Papen Vecto

Rob Papen Vecto  ·  Source: Rob Papen


Rob says that they received so many requests to expand the reach of Vecto to other plug-in formats that he felt it rude not to. 



The Vecto vector synthesizer has been a popular Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason for a few years now. So popular in fact that Rob Papen buckled under the weight of requests for it to be let loose outside of Reason’s eco-system. So here it is in VST, AU and AAX formats.#

Originally introduced by Sequential Circuits in the Prophet VS Synth released back in 1986, Vector is a type of audio synthesis which provides dynamic sound movement by cross-fading between four sound sources. The stand-out feature being the use of an XY pad that has the four sound sources pushed to the four corners. Then much joy is be found mixing between the oscillators by playing in the XY pad. And you can record or draw movements into the pad for evolutionary sounds and cool automation.

It comes with over 1000 presets so you don’t really have to get down to the nitty-gritty of the synthesis to have a really good time in Vecto. Just load up a sound and mess with the XY Pad – easy.


But if you want to get into it then each oscillator can start from one of many different waveforms. Regular analogue, additive, spectral and then a load of sample-based ones including multi-samples with keyboard splits. Each note played has 4 of these oscillators competing for tonal supremacy. Oscillators 2 to 4 can have their pitch synched to oscillator 1 turning the other oscillator pitch controls into harmonic controls. There’s a huge amount of modification available on the control of the oscillators. The XY pad can be flipped and twisted, mapped and replayed, quantised in time and space, smoothed and looped. There are 2 analogue style filters with 28 filter types – just in case you need something subtly different Vecto has you covered. There’s lots of modulation starting from the 2 LFOs that can be routed all over the place. And then there’s a pretty comprehensive arpeggiator. At the end of the chain are two effects processors with all the usual suspects.

There are a lot of big sounds in this synthesizer and for a Rob Papen synth the GUI is fresh and light looking.

If you are an eXplorer-5 customer then you’ll already find Vecto in your bundle. For the rest of us Vecto is on a special of £63.80 for a short period and so is the original Rack Extension version.


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Rob Papen Vecto

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