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Behringer MonoPoly

Behringer MonoPoly  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer MonoPoly

Behringer MonoPoly  ·  Source: Behringer

Taking some pointers from the shape of their Poly D Behringer reveals their take on the classic Korg MonoPoly 4-note polyphonic and paraphonically articulated synthesizer and it looks great.


Behringer says they’re recreated the complete layout, look and composition of the original Korg synthesizer. It has an all analogue signal path with 4 multi-wave VCOs, the classic 24dB Korg filter, separate filter and VCA envelopes and dual analogue LFOs.

The mono and poly aspects comes in being able to play in Mono, Unison or Poly modes, the poly mode being, of course, articulated through the single filter and VCA making it paraphonic just like Behringer’s Poly D. The Chord memory function is also present and correct. There’s pulse width modulation and detuning across the oscillators and also an “effects” section which is all about cross-modulation and sync rather than things like delay and chorus. Behringer hasn’t added a sequencer this time sticking to the original simple arpeggiator.

It has a handful of CV patch points on the back along with sync and MIDI In/Out and Thru options. The 37 note keyboard is semi-weighted and the synth part can be set to three different angles or flat.

It certainly looks the part and appears to be a truer and less adorned recreation of a classic synthesizer than they usually do. I’ll let all the synthesizer experts judge whether it sounds the part but it sounds great from here. Different and perhaps more interesting than the Poly D with arguably a wider sound palette and room for experimentation.

No news yet on price or availability.

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6 responses to “Behringer reveals the MonoPoly recreation of a Korg classic”

  1. Looks and sounds great – but I am not sure I would want a synth where you can only use the white keys ?
    Maybe it is just the prototype where only the white keys work…

    • wjmwpg says:

      That’s a MONOPOLY thing, didn’t’cha know? If the black keys work on the shipped units purists will NOT be happy.

  2. As usual, amazing gear, really bad demo! Lord, why don’t they get Nick Batt (Sonic State) or someone else to demo these??

  3. So stoked for this! Take my money! I really hope its less than 500 USD though…

  4. Behringer clones seem like the sex dolls of the synth world; might be fun for a moment, but the cleanup will be a mess, and you won’t be able to form any lasting relationship.

  5. So I guess we can expect a re-name to PolyMono when it goes into production !!! 🙂

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