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Korg Mono/Poly on Behringer

Korg Mono/Poly on Behringer  ·  Source: Korg, Behringer


Behringer owners Music Tribe has acquired the name MONOPOLY as a trademark along with a list of other notable synthesizer names and icons. It appears that there’s a serious bunch of synths coming our way very soon.



It’s lost the forward-slash between “Mono” and “Poly” of the original Korg Mono/Poly synthesizer but there’s no doubt what this is referring to. The Mono/Poly was a 4-voice, 4-VCO paraphonic synthesizer with a shared filter, VCA and envelope. Built between 1981 and 1984 is was a favourite of Vince Clark who said: “It’s like playing 4 cheap synthesizers at once”.

Korg Mono/Poly

Korg Mono/Poly · Source: Korg

Synth bonanza

Other trademarks include Blue Marvin (a version of the ARP 2600), Kobol and Polykobol, Polivoks, Synthex, Trident, Quadra, Source, Prodigy, Logan, Pro-16 and Pro-800. That casts a pretty wide net giving Behringer a huge range of possibilities to bring synthesizers to market under those names.


We’ve already seen evidence of the ARP 2600, Quadra, Synthi, Solina, LinnDrum and of course the UB-Xa Oberheim clone and possibly the DS-80 clone of the CS-80. What sort of synthesizer party are they going to throw at this years Behringer anti-NAMM show?


As a passing tease, they also fired out this image that appears to have an insect on it that bears a close resemblance to the logo on the WASP synthesizer. Although Behringer suggests it’s a bee it is a pretty safe bet that they will shortly be revealing a clone of the WASP from Electronic Dream Plant.

Behringer WASP tease

Behringer WASP tease · Source: Behringer

So far Behringer has delivered some great synthesizers at amazing prices. They have their critics, their quirks and are less than perfect but it’s an exciting time to be into synthesizers and Behringer seems pretty determined that everyone should have the opportunity to play with the widest range possible.

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Korg Mono/Poly on Behringer

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2 responses to “Behringer adds MONOPOLY to its growing collection of synthesizer trademarks”

    ugly bob says:

    i wonder when those eurorack modules hit the market

    Kevin says:

    Personally, I would like to see the Octave Cat or Octave Voyetra Eight cloned by Behringer. I’d be first in line to get one!

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