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Behringer MonoPoly

Behringer MonoPoly  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer MonoPoly

Behringer MonoPoly  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer has attached a stunning ticket price of $699 to its clone of the Korg MonoPoly synthesizer – and pre-orders are now open at our affiliate partner Thomann here


This feels like something of a sweet spot for Behringer. The MonoPoly is a classy synth, a desirable synth and hasn’t been done to death like the Minimoog. I get the sense that with the Poly D they went for a more instrument focused synthesizer, which was very welcome, and with the MonoPoly they’ve nailed that format.

The MonoPoly has 4 VCOs and can play in mono, unison and polyphonic modes with paraphonic articulation. It features detuning across all oscillators which also gives it a useful chord mode. There’s pulse width modulation, cross-modulation and sync which brings a slightly different flavour to the tone. It’s a very faithful reproduction of the original even down to the colour of the knobs and panel – it does look rather good.

At €698 or GBP 645, this synth is in line with the price of the Poly D while arguably offering a more quirky and fully realised synthesizer.


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3 responses to “Behringer MonoPoly: Pre-Orders open at $699 on Thomann”

  1. Massimo Magrini says:

    € 733 not 698…

  2. Mofasa says:

    £ not $. This thing looks awesome though!

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